Comfort Measures Illustrations

We spend a lot of time in my classes talking about different comfort measures for birth. In fact, one of my most popular classes is my “Labor Support and Comfort Measures” single session class in which we practice all kinds of different skills that may be of use for birthing.

I enjoy Childbirth Connection’s free pdf booklet “Comfort in Labor” and use this as a class resource. Very recently, they added a new section to their website  with lots of helpful, line drawing illustrations for Comfort Measures During Labor.  The illustrations are the same as in the booklet, but presented on one page without a lot of accompanying text—great for visual learners!

As I’ve referenced before, the Transition to Parenthood website also has a helpful section of comfort measures illustrations available to birth educators.

Even if it might feel silly, I encourage people to print out the images and physically practice the techniques illustrated a couple of times—this helps develop a “body memory” so that when you are actually in labor different labor-beneficial positions feel comfortable and familiar. Also, it helps for the birth partner to have a body memory as well to help reinforce healthy positions or suggest fresh ideas.

kneeling with head on chair

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