What Kind of Mother ARE You?

A couple of years ago I read the book Inconsolable: How I Threw My Mental Health Out with the Diapers by Marrit Ingman. There was a short section in it about “what kind of mother are you” (actually, it was in a MILF- musings segment). How often do we think that exact thing, with emphasis on the “ARE”?! For me, it is most often about myself and in a self-denigrating way (i.e. my kids just ate chips for breakfast, what kind of mother AM I?!). Anyway, her section on the subject and her conclusions had me rolling with laughter. Some time later I was giving a little talk at our Mindful Mothers group about life balance/life organizing and I closed it out with a parenting quiz that I made based on the section in the book. (As I noted a couple of posts ago, I’m trying to remember to put things online that I’ve already written, rather than having them languishing on my computer unread, after having used them once. I think I gave the presentation over a year ago.) The section in the book wasn’t in quiz format, it was talking about other types of parenting quizzes and then includes the material in paragraph form that she’d like to see in a quiz. I turned it into a “proper” quiz and have now uploaded it here for the enlightenment of all ;-D

What Kind of Mother Are You Quiz

I should make it into a Facebook quiz, but I don’t use those Facebook apps anymore.

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