Birth Warrior Affirmation

July 2015 135Today I was looking at various cool things on Etsy and came across a neat “birth warrior” bracelet. She also gives the following affirmation and I LOVE it:

Birth Warrior’s Affirmation

I am a birth warrior
I embrace my strength
I embrace my power
I surrender to my body’s wisdom
and bring forth life in joy…

I’m going to a mother blessing this weekend and would like to add this to the affirmation poster we are making for the mother (I hope she doesn’t read this blog first!). I know that there are some people who not identify with the “birth warrior” mindset/coping practices, but for me personally, it is very apt and is what felt true and right for me—power and strength instead of calmness, relaxation, and control.

3 thoughts on “Birth Warrior Affirmation

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  2. I love this affirmation, Molly! I think I’m going to use it next week. (and if not next week, I have three friends who are also pregnant and will be having babies this year)

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