OBs and Normal

I’ve been looking through posts on my old book blog, because I shared lots of birth-related thoughts/quotes there that are now lost in the shuffle and would be more relevant transferred over to this blog. From the book The Mother Knot by Jane Lazarre, written in the 70’s she shares an anecdote about her OB that I think carries a huge ring of truth still today:

My obstetrician had whispered a secret to me on a sunny afternoon. I had come to the office prepared with my written list of questions. Why was I feeling nauseated, I asked, and what was all this pain in my thighs? And he had answered wearily, ‘If you want answers to questions, have a miscarriage, or toxemia, or let something else go wrong with your pregnancy. We don’t know anything about normal births.’ So much for technological know-how. [emphasis mine]

This is a perfect example of the differences in approach to caring for women present in the midwives model of care and the modern obstetrics model of care. Another good example of some differences is in the Snow Baby story I put on the CfM blog on Friday.

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