Four Generations!

Yesterday, my grandma went back to her home in CA after being here to meet Alaina and visit the family. While she was here, we made sure to get a four generations picture:

I have to laugh at our nearly identical smiles. I wonder if A will also have the same smile? Can’t tell now with all the gums rather than big square teeth like my mom, grandma, and I all seem to have. (Related side note: quite some time ago on the last day of my internship at a battered women’s shelter, one of the women, who had fairly severe psychological issues, told me, “goodbye, Molly! We’ll sure miss Molly with her big, big smile and her square, white teeth!”) Something else that is neat about this picture is that we are all “first daughters”—so, this is a picture of the first daughter of a first daughter of a first daughter of a first daughter. Though, in my family A is the youngest child and the rest of us first daughters are also the oldest child.

I was happy to see my grandma and have her meet my baby girl. Alaina is at a perfect age for company. She is sociable and sweet and will laugh and smile at people even if she is unfamiliar with them. She played with my grandma and slept on her chest (transferred there after having fallen asleep at my breast—I was going to put her down, but my grandma said kind of casually, “or…I could hold her while she sleeps.”) I have noticed that she is getting a tiny bit stranger-anxious if she can’t see me at the same time though. I’ve had two experiences over the last week in which I let friends hold her while I went to the bathroom and both times when I came back, she was upset.

I’m getting ready for a big event, so this is the only post I can come up with for today! Oh, do I have about 50,000 other ideas for things I’d like to post though!

One thought on “Four Generations!

  1. Just to say thank you for your beautiful four generations picture, it is great to see such warmth flowing through the (indeed similar) smiles.
    At Birthlight we give importance to the mother-daughter relationship in pregnancy in preparation for birth and also for healing past relationships.
    It’s not so common that grandmas are around but when they are, it’s a delight to access this female lineage through them.
    Thank you for sharing your lineage

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