Diplomats and Breastfeeding

Today I came across an old note about a dream I had a couple of years ago:

I was in a sort of waiting room area with quite a few people in it including a friend and also a Diplomat (distinguished older gentleman with gray hair). Z wanted to nurse and so I picked him up and then turned slightly away from the diplomat in order to start nursing him. My friend said something like, “I see you’re trying to hide from everyone. I can’t believe you’re STILL breastfeeding him.” The diplomat then said, “at the Embassy we have an old saying: we work together as smoothly and comfortably as a good latch.

I wonder how world politics would look if breastfeeding mothers were the role models 🙂

One thought on “Diplomats and Breastfeeding

  1. Dang, Molly, it’s so neat to hear that sentiment come from someone so august. What a huge compliment to your relationship with the nursling.

    and your friend can hush if there’s nothing nice to say…

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