If birth were a temple


If birth were a temple

If birth were a temple
my body is religion, and this small form
twisting out of me,
my cries
reach birth’s vaulted
arching like my back over holy
crystal clear salt of amniotic
my womb–a blessing bowl
her treasure.

–Nane Ariadne Jordan

I came across this beautiful poem in an anthology of prayers and readings called Talking to Goddess, edited by D’vorah Grenn.

2 thoughts on “If birth were a temple

  1. Hi Molly, we really need to connect somehow, this is my poem – i discovered your blog a few months ago, after reading your essays on the ‘feminism and religion’ blog – and i was very moved to read such a sister spirit – do we ever share a combined passion for birthy-earthy-goddess-ritual-arts-scholarship-women’s spirit! i actually just came across your quoting of the poem here today, thank you for sharing it, its wonderful it got out there this way, it was picked up by another blogger through this blog….anyway, i decided it was time for me to say hello!

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