3-D Journaling

After writing my recent post about the resuming of my cycle post-baby, I felt the urge to add a new figure to my ongoing birth art series of polymer clay goddess sculptures. I am the only person I know of who has done a series of sculptures like this and it feels like it is essentially a 3-D art “journal” representing different points in my life. I wonder if I will continue to feel like adding to it in future years. I could end up with quite a crowd! My new figure has an appropriately dark red stone in her belly and a clear stone in her hands—this represents the womb-moon connection. I colored her with silver and blue pigments also as representative of the moon.


The stone I set in her belly is kind of small and thus hard to see from this angle.


I then took an updated photo of the whole series in order. Other pictures of the whole series are in this post.

As a further evolution in the series and of my own process, at their request, I showed two friends how to make polymer clay goddess sculptures today and we each made a figure.


This has been a very personal process for me and it was interesting and challenging in some ways to share it with others. The gold figure is mine and the other two were my friends' first forays into polymer clay goddess-making!

And, here we are holding our sculptures! 🙂

Maybe next time I should try making a little step-by-step photo tutorial or video and further share this process of polymer clay goddess life/art journalling with others!

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