The world unfolding

When I watch my children meet the world each day, I realize new meaning in ‘discovery,’ ‘fascination,’ ‘enthusiasm.’ I hear their awe-filled murmurings, and I know there is much I do not see, touch, taste, rub up against…Can I learn to pause in my reaching ahead? Can I become an explorer of this time and place? Play is the ability to throw oneself fully and joyfully into the present moment. When we play we release memory and yearning. We find the moment at hand is sufficient to hold us, and we wallow in it like a sparkling river on a hot summer day. As I play with my children, I am reminded: I cannot choose now or tomorrow. I can only choose to see or not see this world unfolding before my eyes. –Shea Darian, Seven Times the Sun, p. 61 (emphasis mine)

I’m decluttering my bookshelves today and in so doing have been finding things I’d marked and now need to transcribe if I wish to keep/remember them after getting rid of the books I’m culling. I love this reminder above, particularly the part I italicized.

Some recent things that unfolded in our house…

Customizing selves with markers:


Playing in hose while brothers were at dentist appt:20120610-132824.jpg

Playing in hammock swing: 20120610-132833.jpg

Edited to add: this is my 600 blog post here! And, I typed it all on my phone…

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