New Blogs!

After spending the last year deciding to centralize my blogging efforts in this blog only, I’ve suddenly started two new blogs! Stonehaven is our family/farm blog and it is mainly pictures and updates about life on our land. WomanSpace is a place for me to share my musings on women’s spirituality, thealogy, the Goddess, and a little touch of sociopolitical commentary. While for me these topics have intimate roots in my work with birth, I also recognize that they make some people feel uncomfortable and they also make me feel vulnerable. I’d rather not worry about losing Talk Birth readership over the other topics I’d like to discuss and so I’m going to locate most of my spirituality-oriented writings there and keep Talk Birth to its main focus of birth, motherhood, and women’s issues. Right now, the WomanSpace blog is primarily serving as a place for me to store readings/poems/prayers that I’d like to save for later and there is little original content at the current time.

I’m also considering makes a couple of changes to Talk Birth and accepting advertising and/or sponsors. Any thoughts on that appreciated…


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