Happy Halloween!

In honor of Halloween today, I briefly updated my post Fears About Birth and Losing Control. I included in it links to any past posts I could find that I’ve made about fear and birth!

Last year, on Halloween we looked like this:

The year before, we looked like this:

In 2009, I was pregnant with Noah when I dressed up like Batman for Halloween:

This year, I went with a babywearing friendly costume and was Luke Skywalker with Yoda on his back! (yes, I know Luke wore black and not the “traditional” Jedi look and yes, I know that when Yoda was on his back he wasn’t a Jedi yet! I also know that he didn’t have the green light saber, that was Qui-Gon Jinn’s, but heck, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to put a costume together!)

Lann carefully made a “molten armor” costume based on the game Terraria:

And, Zander was a horrible zombie-demon thing!

Last week we took our annual playgroup pumpkin patch trip. I made sure to get a picture of Lann with his friend who we have taken many a pumpkin patch trip with:

Blast from the past! Lann and our same friends in 2005!

It is funny how we’ve added to our crew since then:

Got a picture of all my kids on the tire horses:

Today, though it meant backing out of a previous commitment and unfortunately letting another group down, we decided to stay home for a family fun day before trick or treating tonight. I let the boys choose what we were going to do, which almost always involves food!

Homemade cheesy popcorn for breakfast (we buy Frontier Herb Organic White Cheddar Cheese powder from the food co-op. Mmmm!)

A friend called this A’s “candy corn” skirt. It really does make a perfect costume without really being a costume. If only I had a white pointy hat for her!

We did other fun things like made homemade pretzels and cheese sauce for lunch and I took more pictures to post as well, but I’m out of time to write about them and we have more fun planned for tonight! (like, starting in the next hour!)

Happy Halloween!

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(P.S. Why do I have a tradition of posting on Halloween? I don’t know. I don’t post on other holidays specifically. But, today I was all like, I’ve got to make my Halloween post! And, I do have a trend of writing about fear or about things that scare me around this time of the year.)

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