Happy Halloween!

This time last year I was entering the third trimester of my pregnancy. It feels almost surprising to me to look back at my pictures and posts from that time. I love having it be my past experience now—it feels great. And, in some ways it seems so far away that it is hard to believe that it was just last year. I’ve reposted several links from old posts to my Talk Birth Facebook page recently because of that feelings—I’m like, remember just LAST YEAR you were PREGNANT??!!

Today was our playgroup Halloween party again and here we are (Lann took the picture so isn’t in this one):

Yes, I have three troll pins on 🙂

When my first son was three, my friend sent him a skeleton sweatshirt that glows in the dark. He wore it for about three years! Now, it has passed on to my younger son and he has been wearing it for a year. So, imagine the delight when we found these cool sweatshirts at KMart this week. I got one for each of them (these glow in the dark too) and I couldn’t resist getting a smaller skeleton sweatshirt for Alaina as well. (Hers doesn’t have the cool hood-mask though.)

Three little skeletons!

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