Tuesday Tidbits: Real Life Friend Blogs

Late Monday night I was folding laundry and my Tuesday Tidbits theme suddenly struck me—I want to give a shout out to my real-life blogger friends who write on a variety of interesting subjects. I always enjoy their posts and I love getting a glimpse into their minds and their unique thought processes by reading their words. Most of us have a lot going on in addition to our park-mom encounters with each other and it nourishes and inspires me to learn more about these women through their writing, as well as actually knowing them in person.

Cara and her husband Mike and their two homeschooled teenagers have been building a straw bale house over the past year and write the blog: Our Hand-Built Home. They are one of the families that we have our work party with and it feels good to be a part of their homesteading journey! Mike and Cara walk their talk and their commitment to their simple, sustainable living ideals is inspirational.

Hope shares her thoughts about her multiplicity of interests on Hopeful InsightsI enjoy her various 30 day experiments and also her thoughts about health at any size. She’s also on Facebook.

Karen is a runner getting ready for the Princess Half Marathon early next year and documenting her progress on Losing the Glass Slippers. She’s also a fabulous photographer and is the source of almost all pregnancy and family pictures on my site (Hope above is also a talented photographer whose talents grace my pages!). I’m not particularly interested in running, but I enjoy peeking into Karen’s runner’s mind anyway and learning from her experiences. She’s also on Facebook.


(Yes, she took the picture)

Veronica is a now-long-distance friend who used to be local. She’s contributed a guest post here before: Guest Post: Don’t Touch Me… Don’t Even Look At Me. Now, she and her cousin have an amazing cooking blog called Pen Pals and Cookin’ Gals. I totally love it and want to make something from it every day! So far, I’ve only made the french toast, but I want to make All The Things. She’s also on Facebook.

Rebecca is another formerly local friend turned long distance friend. She and her sisters have a relatively new blog called Wabi-Sabi Sisters in which they share all manner of good thing, including recipes.

Summer is a friend who makes various appearances on my blog already from photos, to putting socks on my feet after I gave birth, to saying awesome things that I have to quote. She’s a real-life birthy friend, colleague, Rolla Birth Network co-founder, future Vagina Monologues collaborator, and supportive doula. Summer and I go way back with our lives linked since childhood in various synchronistic ways. She is sometimes outrageous and I love that she will sometimes say the things that I think about, but don’t say! She writes at Midwives, Doulas, and Homebirth…Oh My! and she is on Facebook too.

Shauna is the mother of a big, happy, homeschooling family and is such a fun, fun friend to have. She is an unassisted birthing inspiration and is currently preparing to welcome her family’s eighth baby. I love her attitude, her spirit, and how we talk over each other in rapid chatter because there is always So. Much. To. Say!!!!! She has been around the internet in various ways for a long time, but her current blog is Life with Seven Kids (and a bun in the oven) and she has a new Facebook page also. Oh, and she’s cute as can be! 🙂

Check them out, like them, subscribe to their amazing blogs, become a part of their diverse and interesting worlds, you’ll be glad you did! 

After listing all of these out I feel a little teary-eyed at having such great friends with such diverse talents, hobbies, and interests. Aren’t they amazing? Feel free to be jealous of me 😉 I’m delightfully blessed to know and learn from each of these women. We should have some kind of Blog Circle of Awesomeness project together…

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits: Real Life Friend Blogs

  1. Molly, thanks so much for the mention and kind words! You are constantly inspiring us to blog better, since yours are so well done and consistent (which seems to be the hardest part)! You are lucky to know so many creative and varied women!

  2. Wow, you have some cool friends! 😉 Awesome post; and I don’t just say that since you included us! It warmed my heart reading all the kind things you had to say about some very inspirational women. I definitely second what vibrantenergies^ said, You are quite an inspiration! ❤ ~Veronica

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