2014 in Review (According to Facebook)

Facebook did another auto-generated year-in-review feature this year and I think it is fun. Apparently, it is actually customizable rather than only auto-created, but I don’t see a “customize” option on my own page, so oh well! I like that it is a nearly ready-created year end blog post too. I’d like to do a year-end post of my own choosing and writing, but I may not actually get around to it, so this may have to do…

January 19
Well, my little sweetie pie, rainbow girl is THREE today! She wanted to have a tea party today and specified it be with “little girls,” so that’s what we did!

New baby announcement!

New baby nephew! 🙂
August 28
More fun progress! The printed book shipment came yesterday and so now the Womanrunes book AND cards sets are available in our etsy shop!
September 25
My heart is full of appreciation and gratitude and joy after my mother blessing ceremony last night (thanks so much to Barbara Johnson for holding the space…
October 4
Last month marked the third anniversary of our work party cooperative. Today the men moved our shed from all the way across the field to by the garden, cleared…
October 30
Tanner Matthias was born this morning at 10:20 after about six hours of labor. Is a tiny little one at only about 7lbs! Fourth homebirth, but first waterbirth…
November 7
Today marks the fifth anniversary of the death-birth of my third baby, the tiny four-inch boy we named Noah. I will never forget touching his face and seeing…

See you next year!

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