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Pathways Article

I was happy to have an article and an accompanying sidebar in the winter issue of Pathways to Family Wellness (the magazine of ICPA). This was one of my most exciting publications to date as Pathways is a lovely, full color magazine and they laid my article out so nicely and professionally. I’m posting about it here, because the articles were based on two posts originally written here:

What to Expect When You Go to the Hospital for a Natural Birth (re-named in Pathways as “The Hospital ‘Birth Plan'” and available in an online version here)


Can I Really Expect to Have a Great Birth? (included as the sidebar in Pathways)

As long as I’m writing about writing, I wanted to share links to some of my recent books/film reviews also:

Multimedia Review: Baby’s First Gift

Book Review: Labor of Love

DVD Review: It’s My Body, My Baby, My Birth: A film About Natural Childbirth

Book Review: The Power of Women

Book Review: Fathers-To-Be Handbook

Book Review: Permission to Mother

Recent Publications

This has been quite a month for me for publications!

My short article Centering for Birth was published in the International Journal of Childbirth Education (page 20)

My book review of Fathers at Birth was published in The CAPPA Quarterly (page 14).

My film review of Birth as We Know It was in The CAPPA Quarterly (page 15).

And, my piece of creative nonfiction Nursing Johnny Depp was published in Literary Mama.

I’m excited about all of these! 🙂

Recent Articles

I’ve had a fun month for publications. My Birth Lessons from a Chicken essay was in Midwifery Today and my Respecting the Birth-Breastfeeding Continuum was in International Doula.

Also, the International Journal of Childbirth Education has some of their issues available online now. The September 2008 issue has my Satisfaction with Birth article beginning on page 14. The June 2008 issue has my Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week & the Birth-Breastfeeding Continuum article and my sidebar WBW: A Simple Celebration beginning on page 15.