Why Honey Sticks During Labor?

May 2015 146I have already written about eating during labor. One of my suggestions is honey sticks–but why honey sticks and where to buy them? Honey sticks, also called honey straws, are plastic tubes of honey similar in size to a drinking straw. During labor, honey sticks can provide an instant energy boost for a laboring mother. They are especially good to pack along if you are going to be laboring in a birth setting with restrictions on food or drink intake (read more here about why withholding food and drink from laboring women is not a good idea!). They are also handy if a mother is very tired and needs some quick energy, but is not interested in eating anything more substantial. Dads who are feeling a little tired or woozy in the birth room may also find honey sticks a quick boost for themselves as well! The sticks hold about a teaspoon of honey and you can  easily pop the end open with your teeth and suck the honey out.

Where to buy? Here are a couple of ideas:

Online store where you can buy individual fruit-flavored honey sticks.

Online store that carries plain honey sticks.

Online store that carries honey sticks in large quantities (perhaps you have lots of friends who’d like to share?)

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