Yesterday I got home from Kansas City where I’d been attending the annual free birth conference hosted by CAPPA. While there I concluded that Desirre Andrews is officially a superhuman live-tweeter. You can catch up with all of her rapid-fire tweets about the conference at CAPPA’s Twitter account.

I also tried my hand at posting a few things that particularly grabbed my attention to my Talk Birth and Citizens for Midwifery Facebook pages which automatically feed into Twitter. I’m not very good at catching short snippets for live-tweets, but some thoughts that I grabbed to highlight are as follows. If they don’t have quotation marks, they aren’t necessarily direct quotes, just “essence” summaries as I tried to take notes and pay attention!

First I attended Laurel Wilson’s talk about Bridging the Nutrition Gap and next, I listened to Tracy Wilson-Peters speak passionately about the “accidental parent.”

Essence tweets from Laurel and Tracy’s talks:

Babies don’t need to be in nurseries–they need to be with their mothers. This MATTERS!

Science can do a lot, can do wonderful things. Mother’s body can do even more…

Prenatal diets high in hydrogenated oils predispose mamas to postpartum moods disorders.

And, then I attended a breakout session from Darla Burns about postpartum rituals and snagged this interesting tidbit:

In Holland, all pregnant women are required to buy a homebirth kit, “just in case.”

The second day, I found myself entranced by the most awesome Dr. Jack Newman. His presentations were the highlight of the conference for me. I loved him! I attended two–his general session on Controversies in Breastfeeding and then his breakout sessions, Impact of Birth Practice on Breastfeeding:


If you ever get a chance to see this man, don’t miss it!

We have a big, big problem in that HCPs do not recognize the critical importance of breastfeeding.

There are many people who don’t know squat about breastfeeding and breastmilk and don’t feel like they need to learn anything before they start doing studies and writing papers about it. –Dr. Jack Newman

There is no such thing as “standard” breastmilk. It is a physiological fluid and varies from person to person. We DO NOT have to prove that breastfeeding is better than formula. Those comparison studies are unnecessary.

The burden of proof rests upon those who promote an intervention! –Dr. Newman

With animal births: following a normal birth, infant feeding just…happens. Following an interventionist birth, the mother rejects the baby and there is no nursing at all.

Our hospital births break every rule in the mammalian list of mother-baby necessities.” –Dr. Newman

Lying down for electronic fetal monitoring is a position of comfort for the care provider, NOT for the mother.

Know how much an incubator costs now? $50,000. Why don’t we just give half of that money to the mother and put the baby skin to skin on mother’s chest? –Dr. Newman

Seriously, Dr. Newman’s talks were amazing. Be prepared to hear more about them soon!

The final day I heard Polly Perez speak about Building Bridges with an emphasis on communication and fear:

Luke: I don’t believe it. Yoda: that is why you fail.

“Use language that lets you share your heart openly.” –Polly Perez

Listening is *active*, not a passive activity. Listen with empathy, openness, and awareness.

We have taken the hearts and minds out of much of our work because we’re frightened of getting too close. But, close is where we need to be.

“We must give people the opportunity to challenge their fears. Not only will this change each person, it will change the political and medical climate in which they make these choices.” –Connie Pike, via Polly Perez

Polly shared the first home birth she attended – made her fear of it “melt away like butter in a pan.”

You do not have to be an OB to be knowledgeable about birth. –doctor working with Polly Perez

Follow up from same doc: “if you tell me a baby is going to come out, I’m a gonna believe you!”

Changing sick systems is not about subterfuge but bringing light to situations that need to be altered.

Since micro-blogging is simply not my gift and is unlikely ever to become so, I am also planning longer posts based on several of the conference sessions. They will be (links will be updated as the posts become live):

At the CAPPA conference I also made a large custom order of great gifts from Joy Belle jewelry.

And, I ate tons of sample honey sticks from Glorybee–yummy! (see prior post: Why Honey Sticks During Labor?)

Other treats involved getting to spend some quality visiting time with a Friends of Missouri Midwives friend from St. Louis. We spent a lot of time talking over the FoMM newsletter (of which I am editor) and I feel very enthused about our ideas for its future.

I also got to meet a Facebook friend who started out originally two years ago as a Talk Birth fan on FB (after finding my site via my all-time most viewed post: In-Utero Practice Breathing). We spent some good time together visiting and laughing and it was fun to make the friendship connection with someone who was previously only an internet friend!

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  3. I just happened to stumble across your page and when I read about your CAPPA info, I couldn’t help but send a shout-out to a CAPPA sister! I was also at the CAPPA Conference and completely agree with your opinion of Dr. Newman! He was a fantastic speaker and so informative! This was my first CAPPA Conference and I hope I can attend the one in Florida next year. It was an incredible experience!

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