Decked out!

What a jewelry filled week I’ve had! Our local Mindful Mothers group got together for a jewelry making party. Instead of using the materials the teacher brought along, I brought a lot of charms of my own that have been sitting in a pile for a long time and used her tools, chain, and wire to make myself a nifty “goddess gallery” charm bracelet. I think it turned out very nicely!


Then, when I got home that night, what was waiting for me, but my long-awaited package from Joy Belle jewelry. (The conclusion of my CAPPA conference adventure.) I can’t show pictures of everything I got because most of it was Christmas gifts for other people, but I will show you my own pendant:


The largest disk has Mary Oliver’s Instructions for Living a Life stamped on it, which I kind of use as a personal motto and it is really a big part of why I blog!

Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.

On the small disk, there are all the kids’ names and underneath that there are footprints and a heart for Noah.

As if this wasn’t enough, the next night my package from Wellstone Jewelry arrived! I’m going to start a small store page on my website and I have lots of lovely wares to sell now from this awesome jewelry company. But first…for myself I got a Venus of Lespugue pendant. She is amazing! I love neolithic Goddess figures the best. The company said they sell very few of her, perhaps because so many women have body image issues (many more thoughts about this to follow in a later blog post, trust me!).


I also added a delightful Moon Dancer ring to my personal collection…



Close-up view

And, here I am fully decked-out in all my new jewels!


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