Finished Belly Cast!

On Mother’s Day I wanted to finish painting the belly cast we made during my pregnancy with Alaina. During my pregnancy I made a series of black and white mandala-type drawings and I knew right away that I wanted to continue this theme on my belly cast. It felt somewhat odd to paint the cast black—like it was weird of me to do so, but it was the only “vision” I had for the cast!

I feel a little critical of it—it was very difficult to paint smoothly with the white on the uneven/porous surface—but, overall I feel very pleased with how it turned out.

Here is a different angle:

I did not do a belly cast with my first pregnancy. With my second, I did, and I painted it very simply:

6 thoughts on “Finished Belly Cast!

  1. I think they are both beautiful. I really want to paint mine, but I am not artistic and maybe need to give it to someone else to paint for me. Where do you put yours? Mine is in my closet.

    • My yellow one hangs on my birth art wall (I should post a picture of it too!). This new one is going to hang on the opposite wall in our hallway. The wall is painted red and I think the b & w will look nice against it.

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