International Day of the Midwife!

cropMay 2014 073

International Day of the Midwife is today and Virtual International Day of the Midwife has a free online conference! The lineup of presentations is really rich. Check it out here

In celebration of this day, we’re offering a 10% off code good for use on any of the items in our etsy shop! Use 2014SPRING10OFF. 🙂

“It’s hard to describe if you’ve never been there, but to watch a woman access her full power as a woman to give birth is awe-inspiring, and I never get tired of being witness to it. It’s an honor to watch that transformation take place.” ~ Julie Bates, CNM

I’ve been blessed with care, love, and attention from midwives for many years. They’re irreplaceable and the model of care cannot be beat.

Here is a quote I shared on Facebook yesterday from midwifery legend, Ina May Gaskin:

10150680_850255348324885_8097255052427107934_nAt the end of April, Marsden Wagner passed away. An OB and outspoken birth rights activist as well as author of Born in the USA and participant in many documentary films about maternity care, Wagner was an incredible asset to birthing women and midwifery in the U.S. He will be missed.

“Humanizing birth means understanding that the woman giving birth is a human being, not a machine and not just a container for making babies. Showing women—half of all people—that they are inferior and inadequate by taking away their power to give birth is a tragedy for all society.” –Marsden Wagner, MD



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